• anoigomenes-orofes-algean

    Opened sunroofs & Patios

    Opened sunroofs - patios allow you to cover or expand a space (internal or external) and also to have the ability of contact with natural lighting and ventilation of the space

  • orofes-alouminiou-15

    Aluminum roofs 

    Οροφές Αλουμινίου για ιδιωτικές κατασκευές και καταστήματα παντός τύπου, με εξαιρετική αντοχή και σύγχρονο design, από την κατασκευαστική ALGEAN


  • gialino-kaggelo-algean

    Glass railing 

    Glass railing with double glass 8 + 8 TRIPLEX, relying on special aluminum profiles. It can be placed in balconies, terraces but also in interior spaces (stairs)

  • kaggela-algean


    Κάγκελα παντός τύπου, με εξαιρετική αντοχή και υψηλή αισθητική, για οικίες, επιχειρήσεις, καταστήματα και κάθε εσωτερικό ή εξωτερικό χώρο

  • ekthesiaka-periptera-algean

    Exhibition Kiosks

    The company ALGEAN undertakes the construction and the designing of exhibition kiosks, adapted in the needs of your company. It can cover all your exhibition

  • eidikes-kataskeves-algean

    Special Structures

    The highly trained staff of ALGEAN is able to realize all your construction ideas. Pyramids, internal roofs, glazing in facades of buildings, glass floors

  • tholoi-algean


    The domes from aluminum are an innovation of company ALGEAN. With the ability to be turned on remotely can be placed anywhere in your structure

  • pergotenta-algean

    Pergola canopy awning

    The pergola canopy awning awning is a pioneer coveringsystem that can be placed in the all kinds of spaces, without offends their architecture

  • kalimmata-pisinas-algean

    Cover of Swimming-pool

    Enjoy your pool and extend the swimming season from spring till autumn. The ALGEAN offers to you Covers of swimming-pool and spa in unlimited design

  • parking-aytokiniton-algean

    Shelters for parking

    Our company suggests you various solutions for the housing of your car. Our constructions are galvanized, in color and design of your choice. The cover is made of

  • ptyssomena-krystalla-algean

    Folding crystals

    The Collapsible crystals allow the perimeter coverage of an area without the use of permanent construction, because they have the possibility to park at the point that

  • skales-algean


    The ALGEAN has the possibility of manufacturing the stairs of your choice. Metal stairs internal or external straight or circular shaped to your own needs

  • statheres-orofes-algean

    Constant roofs

    With the manufacture one of constant roof you offer natural lighting inside or outside of the area that you want to cover with absolute leak tightness

  • stegastra-algean


    Stable shelters in dimensions and design of your choice. Are included shelters of entry, shelters for parking and for balconies. Pitched or curved with possibility of cover

  • systhmata-kalipsis-me-zelatina


    Wall system with windshield for exterior and internal spaces, in order to protect from weather conditions (rain, wind etc). Ideal for spaces where it cannot be placed

  • koufomata-alouminioy-algean

    Aluminum doors and windows

    Κουφώματα αλουμινίου εξαιρετικής ποιότητας και αντοχής από την ALGEAN. Μηχανοκίνητο σύστημα καρμανιόλας

  • systhmata-skiasis-algean

    Shading Systems

    Roller blinds, Tents - Awnings systems


Construction company ALGEAN in Mandra of Attica, Greece

The construction company ALGEAN is pioneer in the concretisation of large and smaller projects such as patios, shelters of entrance, shelters of parking, opened roofs and constant roofs, systems of cover and systems of shading, WIND STOP, domes, covers for swimming pools, folding crystals, glass railings, pergola canopy awning, stairs, metal constructions, exhibition kiosks, extensions of spaces, renovations of all kinds of construction.

The construction company ALGEAN is pioneer in the metal constructions and in the cover of all kinds of sites and places. It resides in Mandra of Attica in privately-owned space and accommodates its offices with its factorial equipment, which is last technology and offers a work of unique aesthetics, functionality and safety. It lives up your spaces with the combination of classical beauty and modern design, innovates with unique materials and ultramodern construction proposals, bringing harmony and utmost functionality in every project.

For individuals: The ALGEAN is addressed in each individual that needs some expert to entrust him his ideas for the construction of his house or his enterprise and to guide him properly, choosing with him the ideal solution. Experienced, in complicated and big constructional projects, design team of our company, studies the quality of materials, the safety, the functionality but also the cost for each case so that the customer can see the project is realized with the finest materials and be absolute identified with what has asked.

For professionals: The ALGEAN also addressed to all professionals (offices of consultants, architects, civil engineers, designers) who want their work to be characterized reliable and unique taste. Our construction company with experienced and specialized personnel guarantees the more suitable study and designing of constructions that it undertakes in order that the result of its work and the satisfaction of its customers, are the unique proofs of quality of its work.

Philosophy of the company: The company has invested in providing high quality services, that's why the criteria in selecting reliable partners and suppliers are strict and continuous.

The design team is scientifically trained in constructional projects of incomparable beauty and value, so that it satisfies absolutely each customer and when reaches to the best solution, attributes the project photorealistic (video and aspects of the structure, as long as more near the reality), so that there is no doubt about the final result.

The technical staff is experienced in construction projects that require great expertise to be completed. The goal of ALGEAN is the excellent technical construction of the project and the highest aesthetic from the beginning of an idea until the implementation of last work.

The construction provides special department (after sale) contact with the customer and afterwards the completion of project, so that is ensured our smooth and continuous communication, in order to feel himself absolutely safe for his choice. All materials that used by the company are selected so that they fill the specifications of safety and durability of construction and they are harmonised aesthetically with modern tendencies, taking into consideration the relation of value for money and the protection of environment.

The aim of ALGEAN: The company invests and aims highly in the space of each metal construction and covering-housing sites throughout Greece.

Pioneer in her technological equipment, in the continuous and safe training of its stuff, as in the production areas as in outside at the duration of construction of the project, but also in the import of new products that upgrades functional and aesthetic its manufactures, undertakes also the study, the technical support and the direct and effective completion of projects, with the sole aim the creation of constructions of high specifications, aesthetics and safety, that "vindicates" our customer for his choice.

We thank the all friends-clients that entrusted to us for the creation of work, photographic material of which you will find in our page. The indicative samples of work that you will see can be adapted with suitable study and in your own space or utilize together your choice, always basing in the ideal solution for you.

  • Opened Roofs
  • Aluminum roofs
  • Exhibition Kiosks
  • Cover of Swimming pool
  • Shelters for parking
  • Folding Crystals
  • Constant Roofs
  • Shading Systems
  • Aluminum doors/windows
  • Pergola canopy awning
  • Railings
  • Glass railings
  • Stairs
  • Domes

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